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SpaceStation Sea of Tranquility


The SpaceStation USS Sea of Tranquility is my latest project design to be built in earth orbit in the late 21st century than under its own power boosted all the way into lunar orbit. Here I will show all the phases of the design and creation of this model. Stay tune for more………


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First test render of SpaceStation design Looking down on SpaceStation, checking to see that everything is lining up correctly.
Another orientation view Angled shot

In this image you can see the added windows on the ring plus the first parts added to the center section through Boolean operation.

In this image you can see that I've added attitude thrusters, these will later be removed.


Add on for life support and support rings.

Add on for fuel tanks

angled view showing the ship with textures

Added new support structure for both life support and fuel tanks.

The xmas tree design, this will change in the next few images. Added new large storage tanks to center section.

The xmas tree has now been replaced with a large HighGain Antenna, this also will be replaced.

Another view of the large HighGain Antenna.

The HighGain Antenna has now been replaced with current configuration. Also the EVA hatches have been realign.

Solar panels have also been added to the communication section with radar arrays being added below on mounts.

This image was done to see how the SpaceStation looks with a background and to see how all parts look that have been added to date.

New configuration with added ladders What the SpaceStation could look like in lunar orbit.
Another images to see how the progress of the model is coming along to fit in a scene. Close-up of fuel tanks and life support frame structure.
Another close this time showing the orientation thruster mounted to center section to produce micro gravity for crew. View of SpaceStation in high earth orbit.
This picture was created to show varying atmospheres that can be created for special effect. Another view with different atmosphere.
First view of SpaceStation in earth's orbit, the station is still in the design stage. First view of redesign station showing the added support frame work for life support in earth's orbit. The added support with also be used as a work platform for out side experiments. 
Another more detailed view of SpaceStation in earth's orbit. More views showing detail of SpaceStation.
Right before dawn breaks over the horizon. Close-up showing more detail on center hub and communication section.
The station in orbit. The station in orbit (Part 2)
Different orientation view showing the underside. Side view on station over ocean.
A good view showing engine cluster for trip to moon. Sun breaks the horizon as SpaceStation orbits earth.
Another view of SpaceStation somewhere over the Atlantic. Wake-up call to station.
A close of the entire station over the Atlantic with the sun just breaking the horizon.  
All images to this point posted on May 30th 2005
The SpaceStation arms  that support both the thrusters and radar have been totally redesign. Close-up view of redesign arms.
The main thrusters for moving the station to higher orbit have also been redesign. This shot give a good representation of what the current configuration looks like of the station.
Another detail shot of the station in orbit. The SpaceStation USS Sea of Tranquility in orbit somewhere over the North Atlantic.
Another shot as the sun sets over the horizon.  
All image to this point posted on June 5th 2005









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